Workspace Rehab

Given the sheer amount of hours people spend at work, it’s no wonder most of us consider our office space a home away from home.  Whether you commute to work or telecommute from an actual at-home office, it is no secret that a bland workspace and/or work environment leads to monotonous, uninspiring thought patterns. If you’re in a position where you oversee a large group of employees, attempt to create a setting that fosters innovation and productivity. Encourage your employees to personalize their work areas to spark creative energy and ideas throughout the office.

Here are some ways to spruce up your workspace:

Get Some Green (and we’re not talking cash)

There are many plants that do well in indirect sunlight or even under fluorescent lights. Fresh plants clean the air and create a fun break from the traditional landscape of an office. Adding a few plants around the office space is said to reduce stress and aid in productivity. Consider acquiring a succulent or two, it’s low maintenance, yet beautiful, and your employees will definitely thank you later.

Put the “U” in utensils

Adding some pizzazz to your writing utensils can help set the tone for your workspace, as it is where you’ll be spending the majority of your time. Finding just the right pen holder, or desk calendar will show others how you like to work, and even hint at your personality. Having a sleek looking pen will make your desk look more lux, whereas having fun colorful pens will make your working space more playful. Really take the time to put some thought into what lives on your desk. Remember your desk is an extension of you!

Get Lit

Lighting can really influence the atmosphere of a workplace, take for instance “Orange Theory Fitness”, they use the color orange to get their clients in the work out mindset. A green light is considered therapeutic, at most spas and wellness centers light therapy is used as a means of healing people. Take the time to accent your surroundings, add colorful pieces that can evoke the colors that best suit your personality.

Fun with Furniture

Having comfortable seating options can give you and your employees a space to relax and recoup from the monotony of work. Adding a bean bag chair or a futon says a lot about the sort of work environment you’re trying to establish. A slight change in furniture can make the office culture feel a little less serious, which will, in turn, contribute to a spike in moral.  

When employees are allowed to spice up their workspace with personal items, such as a picture of their family or a decorative mirror, they naturally become more comfortable and less regimented. A free and satisfied employee is a happy employee, and a happy employee makes for a successful company!


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