Snapchat for Small-Businesses

With more than 300 million monthly active users, Snapchat is a relevant and easy-to-use marketing tool that businesses shouldn’t neglect. With Snapchat, you can increase community engagement and brand awareness through innovative marketing campaigns.

If you or your business is new to Snapchat, here are a few tips to become a professional on the platform:

Lights, Camera, Action  

Snapchat, like Instagram, has often been associated with photos; however, Snapchat (and now Instagram) offer unique opportunities to grab your audience’s attention through video. For up to ten seconds at a time, your video fills your audience’s screen. Video often has higher engagement than photos and, as such, should be your preferred method of producing content to get noticed. Produce videos whenever possible.

Know your Audience  

Snapchat, by nature, is often more casual than its counterparts. Predicated on short, entertaining snippets, the young social network isn’t the best space for anything super serious. With that in mind, work to keep your content accessible and if you feel yourself bordering on “stuffy,” make use of the various filters and drawing features to make things a bit more lighthearted. Your audience on Snapchat probably isn’t ready for workflow charts in ten-second increments. Act accordingly!

Embrace Brevity

Some might say that the ten-second time limit on Snapchat is a hurdle but, if treated as an opportunity, can be a real selling point. Social media is often great for creating anticipation for events, sales, and releases. Snapchat provides a unique opportunity to build buzz — think behind the scenes access, teasers, and previews.

Stay On Brand

It’s been said time and time again but it remains true; social media is an opportunity to let your audience know more about you, your brand, and your goals. People can spot “fake” from a mile away. Be true to yourself and your mission statement. Let your audience get a glimpse into what motivates you and your team every day. By doing so, you create a community of engaged and interested listeners eager and willing to hear your message.

While Snapchat is a great tool, it’s not ideal for every business. Before you commit your time and resources to the platform, make sure your target audience is there. Snapchat is all about being footloose and fancy-free. If you keep it creative and consistent with your posting, you’re going to see more and more engagement for your small business.

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