Influencers 101

Influencers are everywhere, the challenging part is finding the person who is the right fit to represent your brand. When thinking of your brand, who is the first face to pop into your mind? Is the person famous? What are their hobbies? What does this person represent? How does this person carry themselves? What are their quirks?

All of this must be assessed before you actually settle on a person. Influencers can make or break your brand, this is why you must carefully select them. So here are a few tips to consider:


The first thing you should think about is whether or not the characteristics of the person you want to select is relevant to your brand. For instance, if your brand is in the fitness industry then you may consider a fitness blogger on Instagram. If your industry falls under fashion and beauty, then you could pinpoint a fashion oriented YouTuber. If you don’t have a relevant audience connection, then your message will be absolutely futile with little to no results.

Creative Liberty

In order to have an influencer make an impact on the way your brand is perceived, they may need to take creative control. If the representation isn’t organic, the viewer’s attention may be diverted away from the brand. Viewers know when they are being marketed to, blatant ads are becoming less effective. As you are selecting an influencer, the way in which they introduce your brand is important. Always remember that viewers don’t like gimmicky marketing.

Track Your Progress

As most of us know, data is everything in the marketing industry. Without tracking your numbers, you wouldn’t know how effective your efforts were. You must look in to whether or not your selected influencer is helping you gain new ground as far as website visits, store visits, or sales. Look at all data and analyze where the new or prospective customers are coming from. If you have several influencers, it may be helpful to find out where the links connect. This way, you will know if investing in an influencer is helping to build your brand, or not.

All in all, influencers are a great marketing tool when chosen carefully. Be mindful that influencers can be as detrimental as they are beneficial, so take the time needed to really find the right fit for your brand. Influencer marketing is pushing brands to be honest with consumers and to have dialogue with fans. If you’ve never tried influencer marketing before, this is a great time to jump in!

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