5 Ways To Tell Your Brand’s Story Online In 2017

1. Use Boomerang On Instagram

Instagram has remained steadfast as one of the world’s leading social networks even after some unpopular changes. One change that has actually intrigued users recently has been the advent of Boomerang, an app that creates short, gif-like videos. If you’re selling a product, a well-executed Boomerang on Instagram can add depth and movement to your audience among a sea of still photos and way-too-long videos. Short enough to hold attention and long enough to feature products, Boomerang is an app worth using in 2017.

2. Let Your Employees Do It!

Too often, companies reach out to one person to tell their entire brand’s story. In many cases, the founder handles this themselves. Consistent and efficient, this strategy makes sense when you’re starting out. However, as you grow your team, you’ll often find that some of the people who can tell your story best already work for you. Their perspectives are likely to endear your audience to your company because they are often seen as a more honest representation of your brand and story. When you only allow one perspective to tell a multi-faceted story, you are sure to leave out some important details that can keep things fresh and interesting.

3. Memes Are The Future

In recent years, memes have exploded onto the scene. Featured on everything from Twitter to Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr, memes are the universal language of 2017. To ignore the ways in which today’s audiences consume media would be a mistake. A well-timed, funny meme can go viral, putting your brand and company in front of as many eyes as possible.

4. Live Tweeting

One of the most consistent ways to get noticed is by live tweeting through events related to your brand. Whether it’s a conference, a trade show, or a sporting event, live tweeting allows you the opportunity to give customers a behind-the-scenes look at your company and an important glimpse into your brand’s voice. By providing an entertaining or informative spin on things, your audience becomes more familiar with who you are and what they get when they do business with you.

5. Use Snapchat To Host a Q&A

Snapchat has remained resilient in the few years since its explosion into the marketplace. Because it is perceived as more intimate, hosting a Q&A on Snapchat can be the ideal platform for answering customers’ questions. Limited to ten second clips, snaps work to keep your audience engaged with content that is informative, personal and easy to consume.