5 Tips to Make Instagram Work For Your Business

Show Your Creative Spirit

Instagram, perhaps more than any other social network, urges its users to create visually striking content. The platform is an outlet for photos, after all. With that in mind, make sure your Instagram account portrays your brand or company’s most creative self. So, what does that entail? Be sure to take high-quality photos. Stay consistent with your filters; doing so will create a grid that is easily recognizable and stands out on your audience’s timeline. Consistent, curated content that looks good is a solid foundation for any company’s Instagram social media strategy.


Cross Promote!

If your following isn’t where you’d like it to be (and let’s face it, growth is always welcome!), consider linking up with another brand to create collaborative content. If you both have similar followings, you’ll both stand to benefit from access to each other’s pool of followers. This can look like shouting each other out on Instagram or posting from your counterpart’s account. If you’re working with a sizable budget, think about paying a brand or influential personality to feature your content on their site. This kind of promotion often results in a surge of interest and followers.


Cultivate a Following

An important aspect to getting the most out of Instagram is to create a community of potential customers who anticipate your content. There’s a lot of white noise on social media so keeping your customers interested is of utmost importance. Ways to do this are by rewarding loyal followers with exclusive content or by creating teaser photos/videos for upcoming products. Remember that exclusivity often drives consumer behavior – knowing that they’re one of a select few with access can inspire them to keep track of your company’s content.


Use Social Media Management Tools To Measure Success

If you aren’t able to measure what works for your company’s social networking you’ll find yourself fighting an uphill battle. Thankfully, there are several social media management tools to help you measure and analyze your posts, their reach and how much engagement they inspire. By having tangible data, you can figure out whether behind-the-scenes photos from the office or videos of the production process provide more audience engagement. Knowing those figures, you can make educated decisions about future content that is more likely to drive traffic and sales.


Make The Most Of Your Space

With 150 characters and one clickable link to work with, it is imperative you use the space Instagram provides you to put your best foot forward. Be straight-forward and to the point in your Bio. What is it your best selling point? What is your next promotion, event, or product launch? Remember to constantly update the website in your bio – drive traffic by rotating through different links as opposed to keeping it static with a link to your website’s homepage. You can also launch an Instagram Business profile which allows you to add your company’s phone number and provides access to more comprehensive analytics data.