5 Ways to Attract More Followers on Twitter

Mention Smaller Brands

Sometimes replying to a large company’s tweets seems like speaking to a brick wall. Don’t be discouraged. Instead, reply to tweets from companies still on their way up. Chances are they will retweet your replies, introducing you to their audience. Say something complimentary, recommend a product or simply just be friendly. Their social media marketer will likely interact with you. You’ll pop up on the timelines of their followers and, if they find you interesting or just genuinely like your response, chances are you’ve got a new follower (or two).

Mention Bigger Brands

While reaching out to smaller brands is a tried-and-true strategy, there is still value in interacting with the titans of industry. Target companies that aren’t in competition with your own goals but speak to a similar audience. Answer the questions they send out to their followers. Anyone who expands their tweet will now see your reply (among many others). With brands with national and global followings, this means your tweet and company are now exposed to thousands of Twitter users who would otherwise be hard to reach.

Be the Curator You’ve Always Wanted

Constantly pumping out content can be tiresome. What if you don’t have anything to say today? This is where having an eye for quality, useful content can be a great help. Find articles, posts, and blogs that you believe would catch the attention of your followers. Post them throughout the day and your followers will begin to see you as a curator they can trust to share the most exciting and relevant content.

If You Like an Author’s Work… Give Em Some Credit!

Writers, bloggers and pretty much anyone else creating content loves to get recognition for their work.  With that in mind, if you find an article particularly enlightening, make sure to retweet the piece AND mention the author by @ name. If you have to do some digging to find the author’s twitter handle, make sure to do so. That little bit of extra effort is be sure to catch the author’s attention, often encouraging them to retweet your original post. This brings your account, and your business interests, to the author’s array of followers. You will often find yourself with a few more followers, as a result.