4 Tips for Better Social Media Marketing


It’s Better To Focus!

As marketers, oftentimes we find ourselves trying to please everyone in a given market. It seems like a good strategy but the fact is, it’s rarely useful to be “everything to everyone.” It’s often more productive to focus your attention on one skill or service you can market to your audience. Your audience should know exactly what they’re getting when they go to your page, read your posts, etc.

Be Patient

Sometimes the pressure to “blow up overnight” can weigh heavily on the newcomer social media marketer. That pressure has led to the practice of buying followers and various other means of inflating the number of followers and engagement. The fact is, there is no magic pill to blow up overnight. Sure, there are success stories of companies, brands, and individuals who go viral in a day but chances are you’re going to have to stick it out. Be consistent, have a strategy, and don’t resort to last-ditch efforts.

Return the Favor

Think about it, when someone lends you a hand, don’t you like to return the favor when you get a chance? That same logic applies to the digital world. If an influencer shouts you out on their social networks, bringing your company to an audience it wouldn’t be exposed to otherwise, be sure to return the favor. No good deed goes unnoticed. The more you reciprocate, the more help you can expect from your peers

Be Accessible

Carefully curated posts are just the beginning of any viable social media strategy. What good is a conversation starter if you aren’t around for the rest of the conversation? Make sure you or someone on staff is constantly checking social media for questions and comments from your audience. The Internet is a fast-moving space; disappearing from the public eye may ensure you get unfollowed.