Email Marketing: How Does It Work?


As social media becomes the “it” thing in marketing, email marketing quietly remains one of the strongest ways to reach customers in 2017. Here are some tips about the practice and the best ways to utilize its unique power:

Get Whitelisted

Sending emails to a list of users requires permission from each user. To most effective way to ensure your emails get through any “spam” filters is to be added to the recipient’s address book. So, on your website, be sure to clearly answer your audience’s potential questions about why they should give you your email address like what value they should expect, how often you’ll be emailing and if you’ll be sending discounts and deals.

 Manage Expectations

With email marketing, it’s important to set clear data-driven goals about your outreach efforts. If you promise to send a weekly email and instead only send a message out monthly, you should expect a negative result. As such, your first “auto-response” email to new subscribers should outline what subscribers should expect.

Analyze the Data

Now that you’ve got some level of email outreach going, check three important data tools — open rate, click through rate and unsubscribes. Paying attention to the most basic, and often complimentary, data tools should be the foundation of any future email campaigns. It will provide specific insights about which newsletters work best, which calls to action provoke the most action and which messages turn people off from being on your email list.