How to Use Instagram’s New Gallery Feature


While some people are still figuring out how to properly use Instagram’s Story features, the social networking app has just rolled out their newest feature — the ability to create a gallery (or slideshow?) with multiple pictures in one post. Here’s how to use it:

Pick Your Photos and Videos

You can still pick photos and videos you normally would with the only difference being that you now may pick up to ten images. Once you pick the second photo or video, the app automatically turns it into a gallery.

Pick the Order and Filters

If you’d like to change the order the photos show up in the gallery, hold your thumb down on the image and drag it to the desired location. Make you sure you pick either the most compelling image or the first photo in chronological order to be first in your gallery, as it’ll be the photo in your grid and on timelines. You can also choose to pick the same filter for all photos at once or one at a time.


Once you’ve got the logistics and aesthetics figured out, go ahead and post as you normally would. Your followers will notice the blue and gray dots underneath your photo, indicating that it is a gallery. Take advantage of the added time spent on your content. This new feature provides exciting opportunities to further craft your story to all of your followers!