3 Apps To Create Instagram Grids


You’ve probably seen it, a popular Instagram user or business with a grid on their page comprised of several smaller photos to create one large visually striking image. You might have wondered how you could do the same, creating an eye-catching gallery for future followers to see as soon as they go on your page. Here are some apps to help you do exactly that:


nSquares is a free app that lets you create over 30 different types of grid layouts. The app allows you to break up your photo into 12 parts and in various shapes, even including T and L shaped images. You can upload straight to Instagram through the app which is probably your best bet — it highlights the photos you’ve already posted so you don’t mess up the order of your grid.


Instatiling is an app going for $0.99 in the app store that will allow you to do everything nSquares can with some extra features. When you open the app, pick any of the tiles and select your photo. Tap the tiles to lock your photo in place and export when you’re absolutely sure you’ve cropped it the way you’d like to see it on Instagram. Like nSquared, the best option is to post one by one through the app to ensure you get the order right.


This app allows you to break your photo into three grid sizes (3, 6, or 9 parts). Once you find the right size for your respective photo and you feel ready to post, the app tells you the order to post your photos. The only drawback with Instagrids is that unlike the two mentioned earlier, you’ll have to post the pictures manually as the app is restricted from posting to Instagram directly.