3 Ways To Use Instagram Live


Social media marketers and businesses find themselves constantly competing for their audience’s attention. It’s a busy and noisy world and social media algorithms often work to prioritize a user’s friends and family as opposed to a business account. One of the newer Instagram features, however, provides users with the opportunity to create authentic and personal content in real time. Instagram Live is a video feature with high levels of engagement. Here are some cool ways to use one of Instagram’s newer features.

Make a Big Announcement

If you’ve got a new product launch on the horizon or have some big news, Instagram Live can be a viable means of telling your audience all at once and in a place where their attention is fixed on your message.


Instagram Live is the perfect tool to showcase the process and personality that informs your company’s culture. Use the feature to give a tour of the office or the production process. Viewers will get a rare look at the human side of your company or a glimpse into what it takes to create the products they enjoy.


As any social media marketer can attest to, there are some questions that always creep up. On the flip side, some questions feel like they come out of left field. Instagram Live can be a great way to answer both sets of questions in real time. This give and take will be appreciated by your audience and gives you a chance to get feedback from the people you value most.