4 Ways to Grow Your Social Media Following


In today’s world, your social media clout can feel like real currency, giving your brand or company the legitimacy needed to grow. For that reason, there can be some pressure on brands to constantly expand their reach and increase the number of followers on all social media outlets. There is no magic pill but there are strategies that can speed up the process and grow your following organically. Here are 4 of the best:

Constantly Engage

Many people think posting regularly is “enough” when it comes to social media outreach. The fact is, it’s important to engage with your audience. That means replying to their comments. That means commenting on their photos, bringing you into the consciousness of their group of followers. Simply posting isn’t enough. Be an active part of the community you’d like to be a part of.

Participate in (the Right) Hashtags

Using hashtags effectively opens up your post and account to an audience of interested users all over the world. If a hashtag comes up as popular and is in your realm of influence, use it! Also, try to create your own relevant hashtags whenever possible to cultivate a community all your own.

Take Photos Like a Photographer

This should go without saying but Instagram is, first and foremost, a photography app. It has developed into a powerful tool but at the end of the day, people still expect to see eye-catching images whenever they scroll through their IG feeds. That said, post pictures that pass the eye test. Take quality pictures, use appropriate filters and curate a grid that draws people in.

Follow The (Right) Crowd

Follow:Follower ratios are important, as trivial as they may seem. Trim the excess people you follow, instead focusing on important industry accounts and your most loyal supporters. Keeping a good ratio is a great side effect but in reality, it’s important to stay focused on accounts that fall in line with your overall message. Selfies from friends you haven’t seen in 10 years probably don’t make sense on your IG feed.