Diverse Marketing Is for All of Us


The United States is considered a “melting pot”. Thankfully, there are no predefined notions of what an “American” should look like or what their lifestyle should be.



The advertising industry has come a far way towards recognizing this, thus they have created ads to reach out and influence people of all races and nationalities without judgments.


Incorporating the diverse population is now trending all over the advertising agencies, as well as the entertainment industry.


Here are three companies that strive to drive the meaning behind understanding everyone and their differences:

  1. Tylenol: Tylenol created #HowWeFamily which showed off “unconventional” families with adopted children, same sex couples and interracial couples. The tag line for the campaign is: When did you first fight to be considered family?


  1. H&M: The H&M ads incorporated many women of various body types, races and sexual orientations modeling the H&M clothing line. This variation shows off a rebellious side to the typical stigma of models having to appear slim to be considered a “true model”.


  1. Pokémon: The Pokémon Company produced a Super Bowl ad featuring youths all over the world accomplishing extraordinary skills with the slogan “Train On”. This is motivation towards the younger generation to inspire them to do great things, no matter where they’re from and no matter their age.

Keep in mind, however, that these ads are a two way street. There are always going to be companies who can’t get it right when featuring diversity. For these companies, it could either backfire or give them additional publicity.

Be on the safe side and represent diversity in a good way. Don’t risk your brand for negative publicity.