3 Apps that Could Help Your Business Grow


We present to you a few innovative apps that could benefit your company and help it grow. We bring you a few ideas that could make handling your business simpler and all within the palm of your hand. 


LinkedIn provides a great base for communicating on a professional level. This app helps with keeping track of work colleagues, networking, and viewing company profiles. You’re able to keep track of who is viewing your profile to see how many are interested in your business. 


This app makes it easy to organize an expense report. You’re able to reimburse employees, record purchases and creates an easy to decipher report for your finance team. This app is even capable of grabbing transactions right from your cards.


When communicating with others within a group, Groupme makes it simpler to adapt to each group members carrier rates. This platform allows for holding conferences and meetings away from meeting face-to-face. Groupme is so highly diversified that it works on every type of phone, even if it isn’t a smartphone.