Fail Friday: What NOT to do When Advertising- Liar, Liar Brand on Fire

Just for a second, place yourself in the position of the consumer. Would you like to be lied to about a product?


If the answer is “no” then that’s great, you’re heading in the right direction.


Lying to the customer is a huge no-no. Deceit could lead you absolutely nowhere.


When placing ads out for the world to see,  steer clear from misleading your potential customers.


Do your part and give them factual information without the gimmicks and fabrication.


Here are a few examples of promises made that were less than convincing:


“Red Bull Gives You Wings”- There was a court battle over this untruth. The point we want to make is: some people will take you literal. Therefore, don’t make those types of claims, even if they’re extremely silly. The next thing you know, you’ll be sitting in court trying to explain to some guy why he didn’t grow wings and why he can’t fly.

Einstein Eats Mentos- Now we don’t personally know Einstein, he could be a great guy and everything, but did he really eat mentos? Were they even invented in his era? This one is a little too shady. Einstein brought us E= mc² and that’s all we’re aware of. We can’t ask the scientist to vouch for this, unfortunately. Also, what ideas does one get from eating mentos?  


Fast Food Representation- We’ve all fallen victim to this one. Admit it. The sad disappointment of unwrapping the burger to find something that maybe looks like two pancakes with a weird piece of meat in the center. Let’s not forget the plastic looking cheese. We wish we got the ad-version of these burgers.