Web Celeb Wednesday: Kim Kardashian West


Some love her some loathe her. What we don’t realize is that she’s largely underrated within the marketing realm. 


What we cannot take away is her penchant for fame and success thanks to the Internet. Kim Kardashian has joined the ranks of being a business mogul.


What has she NOT done in her long reign within the business world? She’s dabbled in various industries, which includes clothing lines, baby clothing lines, cosmetics, hair products, fragrances, boutiques, her show [Keeping Up With the Kardashians],  and mobile apps, etc.


She’s notorious for her risqué images on Instagram and being dubbed “ the girl with no talent”.


Kim Kardashian West has used social media as a strategic marketing tool. Unbeknownst to the typical consumer, this Kardashian has a head for attracting attention to the brand that is near and dear to her: herself.


Here’s what you should know: Kim Kardashian is a walking, talking brand. Without her, there wouldn’t be a show, clothing line, boutique etc. because the fame that instills power to those businesses would not exist.


She intentionally plans how to utilize each social media platform. She uses Snapchat to show off her sillier side, Instagram is her “self-expression” and Twitter is where she prefers to interact with her fans.


This Kardashian has done well for herself and her businesses and it’s all thanks to hyping everything via social media. For “a girl with no talent” she sure knows how to use these platforms to her advantage.