Rules of Attraction: Social Media

You’ve done your investigation on your target market, created your business and invested time into creating a social media account. Now there you are, all prepared, but what comes next?


Don’t expect everything to fall into place merely overnight. It’s not going to happen that way, so your next move is to- once again- plan.


What are you planning for, this time? You’re going to plan how to drive traffic onto that handy dandy social media site that you’ve just spent time creating.

Here are a few rules to guide you through the process of attracting your targeted audience:


Be Pleasant

You’re trying to draw people in, not shut them out. By using an inviting tone and being rather friendly with your approach, you’ll be drawing in attention from potential clients. Leave the pessimism elsewhere, because you want your target audience to relate your business with something positive. Keep the posts energetic and engaging so that it creates a base for feedback that your clients will be comfortable to share. There should be zero aggression at all times.


Make it Easy

A rule of thumb is to remember not to make it super complex to lead your clients to your actual site or store. If you have an address, make sure it’s standing loud and proud upon your social media page. If you have a website, then get that link into the most prominent areas on your social media page. The more time a client spends rooting around for the necessary information, the more likely they are to begin second-guessing whether or not your business is the right choice.


Keep Content Interesting

Draw in your audience like a moth to a flame. If you have a fresh idea, a funny meme or an interesting quote then throw it out there for your followers. Keeping the content interesting, yet relatable, will maintain relationships with followers that’s being built upon. Don’t go missing in action for very long because then your business may lose relevance within their line of thought. This also doesn’t give you permission to over-post content. Know when is the best timing to deliver your content to your followers and stick to that rhythm.