Web Celeb Wednesday: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson


We are familiar with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, the ex-wrestler, actor, producer, singer and voice-actor. Forbes ranked him as the highest paid actor of 2016.


Johnson is a devoted Instagram user who shows his fans behind-the-scenes moments during his workouts, his movie sets and his life in general. He does not shy away from showing the world his down-to-earth personality.


Johnson promotes his movies via this social media platform. It’s his main go-to for strategically eliciting his fans to watch his newest movie or show. He claims to not know exactly how to maneuver around Twitter with pride, owning his lack of knowledge.


Johnson chooses to treat his followers on Instagram like close friends and willingly showcases his life. By showing them the basics of his life, Johnson creates a bond with fans, which allows them to feel as if they know who he is on a personal level.


Similar to other celebrities, Johnson is his own brand. By publicizing himself and his work, he markets productively by building relationships with fans.