Clutter-Free Social Media


As a business-owner, you have to maintain every component of your business so that it works as smoothly as a well-oiled machine. Any good business owner in the 21st-century utilizes social media to promote their business, and this utilization is a part of the business.

With this in mind, the social media accounts have to be maintained just the same as everything else within your business. Here are a few tips on how to maintain those social media platforms:

Go Through Every Social Media Channel

Before you begin to clear out your clutter, make sure that you gather all the accounts that you use. Don’t leave out any social media channel; they all require a clean out.


Remove Spam Followers

In all social media channels, there are always going to be followers who give no productive feedback towards your business. Those followers have to go, especially the followers that aren’t a reflection of an actual person/ potential customer (i.e. spam followers).


Keep the High Quality- Dump the Low

Analyze the content that you have posted throughout your history. Get rid of the low-quality posts that don’t really bring drive and meaning to your business and keep the high quality posts that show the positive aspects. Keep these high quality posts as an example of what you want more of in the future.


Plan/Schedule Future Posts

Keeping the content relevant and new will encourage more followers to your social media sites and help promote your business. Always plan what content you will be posting before you actually post anything. Schedule posts so that they are consistent. Consistency maintains the attention of followers and future customers.