Web Celeb Wednesday: Selena Gomez

She’s a child-star who practically grew up on screen. She’s one of the top most influential people on social media.

How does she do it?

She has basically stated that she runs her own accounts. This means that all her posts are very personal because they are coming straight from the source.

She doesn’t believe in multi-posting, which creates a chance for her fans and followers to appreciate the posts when they come out in their own due time.

She tries to keep her material relatable in a way that her fans would be able to see that she’s not propped on a pedestal. However, she would give her fans a sneak peek of what’s going on behind some of her photo-shoots, video-shoots and work situations.

By giving her fans the chance to feel included on her personal and private affairs, she is able to build on their trust and create a bridge between her fans and her work.

As an artist, actress and an influencer Gomez is able to promote her work effortlessly with a few taps of a smartphone.