Fail Friday: The Social Media Slump

Social Media is the epitome of connection. How much easier can it be? You log in, and try your best to appease those beloved customers who keep the company doors open.

However, the downside of this simple tool would probably be the potential liability that is created once a thought or message is posted under the company name.

The trick is to keep track of what is being said and view your message as the recipient. If it sounds shady, crude or overall offensive then that could be threatening to your company and/or your brand.

Know what you want to say and come up with a few drafts of how you want to say it. Never (and I repeat- Never) freehand a post and publish it for the world to see.

Grabbing a second opinion never hurts either.

And with these cautionary words- let’s proceed to a few examples of the ugly outcome of social media postings:

Access Control:

HMV is an entertainment company that originates from the United Kingdom. Apparently, they should really consider the usage of social media accounts before they decide to take drastic actions within their company. One moment you’re making strategic changes and the next everyone on social media knows what you just did behind closed doors.

Profiting off of Loss:

The pair of images below is what we would like to consider highly inappropriate. You should never piggyback off of someone’s death or a major catastrophic disaster to promote your brand. It’s not very tasteful to regard events such as these as an opportunity to make it lighthearted. Stay away from deaths, injuries, and natural disasters as a base for your advertisements and/or posts.

Promoting the Competition:

It’s understandable that sometimes there may be a mix-up or an accident, which may then create a massive blunder for your social media page. In this case, one company shared information about their competitor, which defies business common-sense where it’s frowned upon to advertise for your competitor. To make a long story short, be vigilant when reposting or sharing content.

Time is of the essence when posting for your company. Keep track of what is being posted or suffer the consequences of the displeased masses (aka: your followers).