Web Celeb Wednesday: Ashton Kutcher


We’ve seen him play Kelso on That 70s Show, Jesse on Dude,where’s my car? and the host of Punk’d. Little did we know at the time that he would enter the social media world to inspire change.

No one would really expect Kutcher to really commit to serious issues occurring around the world. However, he was inspired to stand up for a cause after watching a Dateline special on sex trafficking in Cambodia. He turned to the Clinton Global Initiative and eventually gained knowledge that 70% of sex trafficking occurred online and the victims were often children.

Kutcher developed a technology called Thorn to combat this issue. His development helps police teams ID criminals who prey upon this illegal system. Kutcher also uses his fame to notify his fans and followers about his goal to abolish the abuse of children. He has gained attention from all over the world as the actor who cares about these victims and the situation.

By keeping this topic alive through social media, he is bringing awareness to people who are not familiar with this crime. He motivates his followers to make a change in the world for the better. He addresses many other social issues such as LGBTQ rights, women’s rights and what it means to be happy.

This web celeb Wednesday has done brilliant work to make a positive change within the world. He uses his image and fame to help others and that’s truly inspiring.