Motivation Monday: Becoming Socially Responsible

As business people who are looking to make an impact on the world, what better way to do so than giving back to society?

Most consumers are interested to know that their favorite companies are giving back and being ethical. By showing compassion towards the environment and the community, you can build customer loyalty to your brand.

Here are a few ideas that could inspire a move into that general direction:

Children’s Charity

Everyone knows that there are always destitute children who have barely anything to bring joy and fulfillment to their lives. By choosing a certain holiday and creating a goal to bring happiness to the little faces by donating candy, toys or even time could create a better outlook for your company. Do a little holiday gift giving or spend an Easter hosting an egg hunt. Bring smiles to the children and to those working within your company.

Feeding the Hungry

Many companies are now giving a percentage of their sales to end world hunger. Some companies whole-heartedly give a meal with every product that is sold. Different companies have different ways of trying to abolish hunger in the world. Ethically motivated consumers are most likely to do business with places that are interested in giving back to good causes such as these. Making sure that people are receiving the right nourishment is a great place to start.


Many companies create a volunteering program, which allows employees to spend time giving back to the local community in collaboration with representing the brand of the company. By volunteering time and material to improve the local neighborhoods, the company is building lifelong connections with others and creating a positive connection between the brand and the people. Help build a house with Habitat for Humanity, plant a garden at a local elementary or help repaint a community center. Give back time and help beautify your local establishments.