Web Celeb Wednesday: Beyoncè

Beyoncè is famous for her voice, her moves and her image. Everyone knows her as the queen of pop. Her Twitter, Instagram and Facebook boast a multitude of fans.

Similar as other famous celebs, Beyoncè uses each platform differently so that her fans have a well-rounded view of her. She prefers to use Instagram on a more intimate level for her fans.

Facebook is where she posts content that is more organic in the way of portraying her image. She likes her fans to think of her as a mystery while giving them a quick peek into her life.

Beyoncè prefers Instagram as her main social media outlet because she feels as if the images are capable of making a statement without having to add a caption.

She has developed full confidence that her images are able to create feedback from her followers. According to the feedback after her rare images are posted, we could safely say that she’s doing it right.