Friday Fail: Apologizing

Usually, companies are very cautious about how they approach the aftermath of their failed ads. Apology posts could be posted on social media, in magazines or as personalized letters to all customers involved.

The art of apology is something that takes real dedication and meaning in order for people to divert their attention away from the mishap and focus on the apology.

Here are two examples of famous apology messages:

Pepsi Co.


Pepsi Co. ran this apology after their television ad sparked controversy. The offensive ad featured the famous Kendall Jenner offering a police officer a Pepsi during a protest. The Pepsi was used as a peace offering between the authorities and the protestors. At the time that the ad was featured, there were many issues being protested such as the “Black Lives Matter” movement and the “Women’s March”. Viewers thought that the ad was insensitive and took the important matters lightly. Needless to say, Pepsi posted their apology to reconnect with their customers.



Volkswagen created an apology letter in response to their emission scandal, which occurred when they featured an ad campaign claiming that their newly manufactured vehicles emitted fewer emissions when compared with other vehicles. Apparently, their development team was responsible for rigging the regulator devices that tracked how much emission resulted from the vehicles. The apology stated that they wanted to gain the trust of their loyal customers back. There was monetary compensation added into the whole deal. Overall, that was a good move on Volkswagen’s part.