Motivational Monday: Going Green

A little motivation for your business would be to “Go Green”. Little changes is all that’s needed to get your business environmentally friendly. Here are three easy tips to get you started:

Go Paperless

When printing out the latest reports, sending out copies of a document or billing customers you may want to consider going paperless. By going paperless, you would be saving the lives of trees, and reducing waste. We have the advantage of being alive within the age of technology so every document, memo and bill could be digital. Get your staff, customers, friends and family on board with the paperless route.


In conjunction with going paperless, you can recycle. Recycling could include paper, plastic and cans. This is another method to help reduce waste. By introducing a recycling system within your business, you would be encouraging your employees and customers to help out the environment. It’s a wonderful way for the entire company to pitch in with the “green” concept.

Replace the Light bulbs

In the workspace, you can change out your standard bulbs to other types of bulbs that help preserve energy. CFL’s and LED lights burn a lot less energy, lasts longer and don’t produce as much heat within the room. The new bulbs are a win-win because the electricity bill won’t cost an arm and a leg. Take the time to make the bulb transfer.