Web Celeb Wednesday: Paris Hilton

We all remember the iconic blonde who came into media spotlight on the show The Simple Life with her best friend Nicole Richie in 2003. Many people tuned in to see the antics of the two privileged girls living normal “regular” lives.

Fast forward to the present and Paris Hilton has become fixated over other ways to show off her flamboyant lifestyle. During an interview, Paris stated that she thought social media was “amazing”. She likes to use various platforms to stay connected with her fans. She even meets up with her fans during her travel.

She has millions of fans on Twitter and Instagram, which places her on the popularity list of these platforms.

Usually most people with a lot of fame would consider social media to be a sort of poison to their self-esteem or their image. However, Ms. Hilton thinks that social media has a positive effect on her life.

It’s nice to know that she isn’t afraid of the online trolls who are usually destructive to famous individuals on these sites. If you know how to ignore the negatives of social media, it could be a rewarding experience.