Fraud Fridays: Facebook

Facebook is a wonderful way to advertise your business and create a medium that lets you connect with your customers. However, with all the perks that Facebook has to offer, it may be best if you practiced caution on the site.

We’re going to give you some ideas on what to look for and how to go about maneuvering correctly to avoid falling victim to fraudulent activities on Facebook.

Phishing Scam

If you ever receive a shady looking message in your inbox that asks you to click on a link, beware! These links downloads a Trojan horse onto your computer that contains malicious content to infect your computer. Now, when you log in to your Facebook account, the content is able to pick up on all of your personal information. Through this recruitment of information, scammers will be able to hack your account and use it to victimize others.

Our advice would be to never click on these random links. If it looks suspicious, then DO NOT trust it. Delete the message and if possible, report the occurrence so that Facebook could take care of the scammers.

Free Money Scam

As a result of phishing scams, others within your network on social media may have fallen victim. If you ever see a trusted friend on colleague sending you a message claiming that they won money and would like you to pay a fee to ship the money. Disregard the message immediately and report it. Most likely the users aren’t even aware that their account is being used to spread these messages. If possible, find another method to contact them and tell them about the occurrence so that they aren’t caught off guard.


If you ever discover another Facebook profile that is using your photos without permission, or they are claiming to be you then that person is pulling an impersonation scam. If you suspect that this person is using your name and photo, then the best method is to file a report with Facebook. Never address the person directly, as this can backfire. When backed into a corner, they may report your account and cause confusion. Keep calm and wait for Facebook to take care of the issue.

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