Motivational Monday: Team Building

Everyone should be aware that a well-run company depends upon the employees. All employees should feel comfortable addressing issues amongst each other, know how to cooperate with each other and help each other out.

Interdependency is normal and should be encouraged. If Rome wasn’t built in a day, a single person certainly didn’t build it either. Here are some tips on how to encourage or establish a positive relationship between employees:


Team Building Exercises

Encouraging your employees to act as a team to accomplish a single goal may help them become closer and in return, increase quality performance. Take the team to an Escape Room where they have to use their individual knowledge and collaborate in order to solve the time sensitive puzzles would be a strategic way to build their team spirit.


Encourage Feedback

Encourage your employees to give feedback on the work that they’ve put together. If that demands that they all sit in the conference room together to hash out their comments then, by all means, let it happen. By letting their comments and thoughts flow, they may be able to hit a new spectrum on how to accomplish or improve their work.

Guessing Game

The more your employees know about each other, the more likely they would be to speak and work with one another. Have them bring in old photos with their name and additional information written on the back (with post-its). Have everyone try to guess who the photos belong to. The further back in time the photos are, the more fun it will be as people really start looking at each other in a new perspective.