Web Celeb Wednesday: Social Media Mishaps

Social media could be a double-sided sword. Many celebrities have experienced the backlash of posting on a platform and receiving comments from their followers that told them that it was not okay.

Here are some of the infamous posts from celebs that you may know:

Naomi Campbell& Scott Disick

When brands ask celebs to sponsor their products via social media, they may become a part of the embarrassment after the celeb reposts the entire message sent to them by the company. We have both, Naomi Campbell and Scott Disick, who have been negligent in their campaign postings.

Naomi posted the entire instructional message sent to her by Adidas, while Scott Disick posted his instructions for Bootea. Both of these incidents occurred on Instagram and both celebs realized their mistakes too late before they were able to edit out all the additional information.


Here’s a little tip: if you’re asked to sponsor something, take the time to actually read through the details and be very careful before hitting that copy and paste.

Amanda Bynes

Twitter seems to be the social media platform where celebs go to spew random information without having a filter. Here we have Amanda Bynes asking the president to help her out and “fire the cop that arrested her” after she got caught for driving under the influence.

Our tip to these types of posts: don’t drink and drive and don’t tweet while under the influence of drugs and alcohol either. If your image is on the line, don’t ruin it any further.


Rita Ora

Rita Ora had 3.4 million followers on her twitter, so she decided to have a bit of fun and tease them about her upcoming album. She was looking to have 100,000 retweets in order to release her new song. It backfired and she only got about 2,000 retweets. To smooth over the embarrassment, she claimed to have been hacked.


A tip to anyone looking to do something like this: don’t depend on your followers retweeting or reposting anything; it may not work out the way you want it to. Just stick to things that are within your control.