Fraud Friday: Instagram

Instagram inspires everyone to record memories of important life events using pictures. However, similar to other social media platforms, there are shady events that take place over Instagram. The trick is to be aware to everything that goes on and knowing how much information is too much information.

Keep alert and here are some activities noted to have occurred over Instagram. The advice here is to help you not become a victim to these scams.

Financial Institutions

If you were to ever “follow” an Instagram account that claims relation to an actual bank then follower beware. Some have claimed that moments after following a bank or any financial related account, they receive a message that asks whether “you are interested in making some extra cash”. This is not normal. This scam encourages you to give them money in exchange for their services of multiplying your funds with a trick that they know. These scammers take the money and disappear leaving the follower with empty pockets.

Our recommendation to you, if you were to ever encounter this is to report the account and block them from having access to you. Also, unfollow the account that initiated the whole situation.


Instagram, being a photo-oriented app is notorious for people using other people’s photos and claiming them as their own. Some accounts are even opened using the name and/or photos from someone else’s account. Instagram does not condone this scheme.

If you were to ever discover someone using your personal name and/or photo(s) then Instagram encourages you to report this immediately. Instagram will most likely request a government-issued ID in order to validate that your account is actually your own, and then look into the matter of the imposter account. They will only address the person who suspects an impersonation and not the impersonator.