Web Celeb Wednesday: Leonardo DiCaprio

We cheered for him when he finally won his Oscar after many years, we maybe shed a tear for him in the Titanic and we were thoroughly amused by Wolf of Wallstreet.

Leonardo DiCaprio has been within the film industry for many years and has gained fame and fortune through his rigorous acting capabilities. Not only is he a talented actor but he also has a heart dedicated to spreading awareness.

DiCaprio is passionate about preserving the earth, saving animals nearing extinction and protecting the rights of those without a voice. He rarely posts anything personal involving himself or his fame.

Unlike other Instagrammers, DiCaprio takes his environmentalism ideals to a whole other level. He tries to create a medium between his fans and the truths of what is occurring around the world.

He sheds light on the ivory industry and the horrors involved in ivory acquirement. He posts amazing pictures of wildlife in their natural forms and asks for people to educate themselves on matters regarding creatures, people and causes that deserves attention.

Celebrities such as DiCaprio are able to use their fame to inspire others to show interest about important matters. Through his Instagram account, his words and inspirations are able to transcend a multitude of people around the world to become more active in regards to the matters addressed.

If more celebs were similar to Leonardo DiCaprio, people would develop a stronger sense of urgency to be aware of their environmental issues.