Email Marketing Tips

Emails are considered our present day mailbox. We check our email for the latest expense reports sent by our accounting team, we look for the ads sent by our favorite shopping sites and we comb through to find old emails that you thought you sent but you really didn’t.

Emails are checked easily on cellular devices so they’re easily a way of communicating with prospective clients. Not everyone knows how to market effectively using email, so we bring you some pointers to help guide you through this new form.


Some emails have a lack of information while others bombard your screen. Think about those who will be opening the email before you get too confident in your structure. Do you find that there are too many words? Did you create it so that it’s easy to read?

If you find that your email is too overloaded with various things then halt the process. Analyze what appears to be valid within your message and what is invalid. Once you’ve grouped everything into these two categories, begin working on getting rid of the invalid material.

Simplified, neat and organized is what you recipients needs. Also, make sure whatever action you desire the reader to take is prominent so that they don’t have to sift around the email. This way, the reader will be able to act fast on whatever you need them to do.


Typos are a definite negative for your marketing emails. The concept of marketing emails is that they’re super easy and super fast. However, don’t get too cocky and type up willy-nilly content. Your content is the basic message that lets the reader know why you’re sending the email in the first place.

Don’t mess up by not proofreading. If you still don’t trust yourself, then have someone else proofread and make necessary edits.

Showing the reader of your message that you put some effort will show that your message comes from a place that holds professionalism in the highest esteem. Don’t let that relation of status get away. You want to appear professional and you want to be highly regarded.


Being able to have your email stand out while conveying the necessary message is a huge part of the set-up. If there’s a lack of artwork, the resulting product could come off as cold and uninviting. We want the opposite! The more joy a person feels when they open the email, the better business could be resulted off of those feelings.

Make sure that the email is peppered in color. Focus on the important aspects of what you are trying to say and spruce it up. Artwork never killed anyone, so strategically place visuals to help soften the email.

Don’t have the graphics stand in the way of the message, however. You don’t want to detract attention from the call-to-action within the email so refrain from going overboard.