Modified Monday: Old Spice

You walk down the hygiene aisle of your local drugstore or supermarket and you notice the all too familiar red and white Old Spice products.

You’re young and interested in attracting the most female attention you possibly can but you related Old Spice to “old man”. You skipped right over them and settled for another deodorant and body wash.

Old Spice originated in 1934. This is probably why people related the brand to an older generation, however Old Spice refused to agree with this stigma and so they set forward to switch it up.

The brand wanted its image to relate to the younger generations and convince them that their brand was still relevant. The marketing teams fired off various campaigns such as “Red Zone”, “High Endurance” and our all time favorite “Smell Like a Man”.

The “Smell Like a Man” hit home to many viewers as they found the ads quirky and hilarious. You may be familiar with Isaiah Mustafa who went from scene to scene beseeching women to compare their current significant other to him. Mustafa’s line “I’m on a horse” took off like wildfire and people began to relate the Old Spice line to the quote and the ad.

These campaigns inspired feedback in the way of sales, and Old Spice made its comeback into the male hygienic products. They were so successful that they ended up becoming the top seller within the category.