Marketing vs. Branding

There is a fine line between marketing and branding, however, not many are able to differentiate the two.


Marketing is all based on the methods you want to use to get people to actually gravitate towards your product or service. The marketing occurs once you’ve developed your brand. Marketing gets the customers to gravitate towards the product/service.

Marketing could be anything from ads, pamphlets or promotion. It’s the push and the proof that your company does or sells something better than those within the same market. Showing the world the values, characteristics, and attributes of the products or services are what marketing is all about.


Branding is how you see your company and how you want others to see it. Basically, it brings an image or a correlation of a thought towards your company. It’s all within the realm of perception. Branding is something that has to take place in the initial phase of your business planning.

This vital portion of your business will be carried through and remembered by those who come into contact with your company. Your brand is the foundation in which your company will stand upon. Branding also has the potential to build a loyal customer base. Know what your business stands for and don’t forget to create a relatable brand in order for you to really be successful.