Modified Monday: Amazon

Once upon a time, Amazon was famous for its book-selling capabilities. Currently, we know Amazon as the land that sells everything from rope to soap and everything in between.

What really brought about this massive change in inventory selection?

Well, Amazon was always meant to be a diverse selling ground for various items. The CEO Jeff Bezos always had the idea in mind but decided to get the ball rolling with books because they were easier to work with.

Did you know the Amazon platform began in Bezos’ garage?

Bezos launched Amazon in 1995, and after they began selling books they moved on to entertainment media items such as DVDs/videos and music. Soon, they expanded into toys, consumer electronics, games, home improvement items and video games. By 2000, Amazon began to take things overseas to places such as France and Japan.

By 2002, Amazon included clothing, apparel, and office related items into the mix. As an online retailer, their broad spectrum of item availability has skyrocketed to great lengths.

Amazon has big plans for the future in the way of taking their business offline and creating brick and mortar stores that use sensors to cash out items. Their ambition is to create a line-free grocery store to encourage the grab and go concept for busy folks. This reinvention is going to change the game with consumers and businesses.

Amazon has come a far way since their first foray into the online retailing forefront and they are always looking for innovative ways to conduct business and make buying easier for their customers. No wonder Forbes considers Amazon one of the world’s most innovative companies of 2016.

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