Web Celeb Wednesday: WWE

World Wrestling Entertainment has been around for about 38 years and has become a rapidly growing industry. Audiences from all over tune in to watch the drama and fights that go down within the 20×20 foot-wrestling ring.

Did you know that the wrestling entertainment program has billions of followers on their social media platforms?

WWE fans are all followers of the various professional wrestlers featured on their television smackdowns. Currently, John Cena ranks at the top with the most followers to his name.

WWE is also looking to incorporate social media into its storylines. They thrive off of conflicts, therefore social media is the perfect place to initiate feuds between wrestlers which they can then take to the ring. This is a tactic that could draw in more viewers as they try to keep updated on their favorite wrestlers both online and on-air.

Social media has become a huge part of WWE’s showmanship. They have increased the number of followers on an exponential scale. There are now half a billion followers across all of their social media accounts.

America loves drama and most of all they love the drama that leads to physical blows. WWE is taking full advantage to give viewers what they want: feuds and fighting. Social media is basically an extension to their wrestling ring.