Web Celeb Wedensday: Insta Models

We hear the term insta-model and instantly we think half-nude girls posing for the camera to gain more followers. If you’re not up to date with what we mean by “insta-model”, then we would be honored to spell it out for you.

Insta-models are people who gain followers through their glamorous photo shoots of themselves. They are often photographed while wearing the latest fashions, and most often than not, they are wearing brands that are being sold via. Instagram.

Insta-model’s, are being paid to feature glamor. From clothes, shoes and even food. Yes, that’s right, food. Brands and companies are willing to shell out cash to be featured on insta-model’s photos.

Some major brands that have been taking advantage of this marketing strategy would be fitness teas, fashion brands, cosmetic brands, and jewelry sellers. Basically, anything materialistic is being sold on Instagram.

This new concept overrides your typical magazine stand or sales pitch and goes directly to the consumers through social media. Whether or not this method is cheaper than going through the old fashioned advertising methods is yet to be speculated upon. But, we ask ourselves, is this what the future of marketing looks like?