Fail Friday: Not Intended but It Works!

There are mad scientists creating things for evil, then there are others creating things for one purpose only to find out that it’s not going to be used as they initially intended.

We have a few interesting products that started out with a plan but ended up being used in a different type of way.

Bubble Wrap


Before bubble wrap was used for packing material, it all began as a thought for a textured wall paper. The plan fell through, but lots of people found the joyful popping to be useful in other ways. We play with it, pack it and use it for craft projects. Bubble wrap didn’t make it to our walls but it did make it into our childhoods.



The useful lubricant that we use to de-squeak our hinges and wheels was initially intended to be a degreaser and a rust protection solvent. The name incorporates the number of attempts that it took to come up with it, hence the random 40.



Play-doh initially began as a substance used to clean wallpaper in 1956. It was a quick and easy solution for a teacher who wanted an easier and more pliable version of clay for her students. Soon, the creators established their weird putty-like concoction and marketed it towards children.