Web Celeb Wednesday: Taylor Swift

Currently, Taylor Swift has been keeping a low profile. However, her presence on social media has always been directly fan-based.

Swift has always been passionate about her fans and is comfortable with getting to know them on a personal level. When people picture Swift, they picture her strumming away at her guitar while singing along with a fan that she just met.

Videos and posts go viral every single time Taylor Swift makes an open hearted request to see or hear from her fans. Her entire marketing spectrum revolves around her followers.

Through social media, she tries to become friends with her fans. Engaging with fans encourages more followers through her willingness to connect.

Swift is all about sharing her life on her social media platforms, and she does so with gusto. She avidly seeks to comment on posts from her fans so that they feel a special connection to her.

Her willingness to be open shows that she is comfortable with placing herself out there for the world to spectate while being vulnerable, in order to achieve more success.