Fraud Friday: LinkedIn Scams

LinkedIn is our platform to network on a professional level with all sorts of business people in various positions. We use the site to initiate job prospects, connect with coworkers and find prospective clients.

We usually wouldn’t think that LinkedIn has malicious attachments at all. One of the most recent issues that have been recognized by the site would be the fake job offer.

Fake job offers come from scammers who post job openings for unsuspecting job hunters. They conduct interviews and collect personal information about their victim. These jobs are posted with the enticing offer that a person is capable of working at home and after they are “hired”, they are shortly after “fired”.

The scammers are then in possession of vital information such as social security numbers, birth dates, and other financial information. Once the information is collected, the scammers disappear and will be difficult to track since the entire company was a fake.

Beware of whom you speak to over the phone and remember to never give out personal information over phone interviews. If the company seems a bit off, do your own research into them. Your identity is at stake, so take the time to inform yourself before conducting any sort of connection.