Males and Marketing Ads

Progressive television advertising leads us in a new direction that will have us rethinking how we typically view society.

Males were predominantly given roles in ads showing leadership and dominance within a household. Men were the bread earners in many ads, and they often came home to a beautiful house and a child bearing wife.

Fast forward a couple years, and women are capable of standing in the shoes of men. Now, where does this place the men within the ads?

Recent ads show men going about household duties and holding their own without a woman in the scene. Take Tide, for instance, they are rapidly creating television ads that encourage men to participate in doing the laundry.

We have a long way to go before other brands begin to latch on to this idea. Until then, we are more than happy to watch the transition slowly make its way onto TV. Men are becoming the household shoppers and should be viewed as a target audience.

We now have a generation of stay-at-home fathers, men who help change diapers and pick up household chores. In the 21st century of gender equality, marketing teams should begin to hone in on methods that will attract the male audiences to various products.