Hilarious Marketing Campaigns

There have been numerous instances where brands attempt to incorporate humor into their campaigns. As we’ve seen before, their efforts may go awry.

Some brands are able to pull off humor with no issues and with tactful skill. If you’re interested in using humor within your marketing, then take into consideration that it is possible. Just take a look at these companies who’ve done it right:

Just take a look at these companies who’ve done it right:

The “Straight Outta Somewhere” Campaign

Dr. Dre and Universal Pictures were determined to find a way to spread the word of the upcoming film “Straight Outta Compton”. Their campaign to inspire people to have pride in where they came from took the Internet by storm. Soon, there were posts all over Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with renditions of the post reflecting wit and satire. Take a look at some of the creations the next time you’re on Facebook.



Everyone has a soft spot for animals, which is why many brands are incorporating various types of animals into their ads. There are absolutely no restrictions on what the species of animals used to represent brands. We have the Geiko gecko, for example, who rambles on about saving on your car insurance. Sound familiar? Keep watch for other furry, scaly and ferocious critters on television and in magazines.


Some brands choose to take advantage of viral debates going on. These viral issues make a great platform for brands to jump on and join in the fun. By keeping relevancy and showing that their brand is willing to relate to their consumers, brands will be able to connect better with their customers. See if you can spot some on your daily forays through social media.