Rewarding Employees Non-Monetarily

Employees are important for your company because depending on the business that you’re in, they provide additional talent to the company.

Many times employees go above and beyond what you ask them to do. They may be so talented and good at what they do that you feel the need to reward them.

As is normal with small businesses, money may not always be the route to go with when rewarding your employees. So, what other ways can you show them that you appreciate their hard work?

We have a few suggestions for you:

Reserved Parking

If there’s that one spot in the parking lot that is super close to the building, use this as the “Reserved to the Deserved” parking area. Whenever you recognize an employee for their achievements within the company, you could grant them permission to use this spot. Place a sign in front of the parking spot as a way to motivate other employees to work towards earning this privilege.

Wall of Fame

Have a designated wall within the office to display recognized employees. You could either place their portrait up on the wall or have their name placed there. Try to aim for a wall that is near a high traffic point within the office to allow everyone to see the display. It’s a great way to boost that employee’s work ethic and hopefully get others to aim for a place on the wall.

Thank You Note

Sometimes, the most meaningful appreciative thoughts could be placed into words. If you have employees who hate too much attention or are bashful, then the thank-you note could suffice. Make sure to mention what you are thanking them for and how much it means to the company and yourself. Many times the written word has more meaning than a public gesture.

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