The Interview Question We Hate

We’ve all been there, sitting across from an interviewer trying hard to suppress the leg-shaking habit. Your palms are sweaty and you hope that your handshake didn’t gross him/her out.

Meanwhile, you’re in the Q&A mode, where the interviewer is busy firing off the questions and you’re bursting your brain to sound intelligent, confident but not too full of yourself. It’s hard to keep this conversation stable because your mind is racing with your progress.

You flawlessly lay out the details on your work experiences, your capabilities of working with others and your ultimate goal of improving your skills through the company.

Then you get hit with the request to tell them about yourself. Your mind comes to an absolute halt. You start questioning your existence within a 5-second timeframe.

Who am I? How far back do I go? Do I talk about childhood memories? Should I even talk about my memories?

You think to yourself, am I in an undercover therapy session?

Your brain catapults you back to reality and you try your hardest not to stare blankly at your interviewer. They’re patiently waiting for an answer while you have an existential crisis.

That one statement as an embedded request: tell me about yourself, can throw off the entire interview process. It’s the most hated question that any applicant must answer, as it’s the most challenging.

It’s a harmless question meant to understand a little more about the applicant. Have no fear when answering because it’s really a moment to give a little snippet about your background.

You could begin anywhere you want- within reason. Let’s say you tell them about the moment it dawned on you to pursue your degree or a defining moment in your life that lead you down the road to success. This part of the interview allows you to stand out from other applicants, take full advantage of it.