Productivity Tips for the Stressed

When we go to work, we hope to have a productive workday with the least amount of distractions. Living in the times of the smartphone doesn’t do much to help keep up focused.

It’s tough to be a prisoner of technology because our work days, relationships and lifestyles are always impacted by gadgets. Being productive is a challenge yet to be defeated by most, so here are a few tips that you could use to get you on a focused path of accomplishment:

Morning is “Me” Time

We all have the nasty habit of picking up our phones the minute we open our eyes. This urge needs to be removed from our morning routines. By picking up our cell phones, we are enabling ourselves to jump right into reaction mode.

We are firing off emails, checking notifications and building up our daily dose of anxiety before we even get a chance to really wake up. Try to get some exercise in or have your breakfast before delving into your phone’s content. Use morning time to take care of yourself before becoming frazzled with the demands of your phone.


You have a work list every single day, it may be written or it may reside in your brain. Whatever the case may be, always jot down what you have to get done. Use this time to separate tasks to keep you more organized. You could rank the tasks from most important to least, most challenging to least or by the due date.

In order to really get this list to serve you well, you need to understand your own work ethic. If you know that a task will cause you to divert your attention to other things, begin this task first. Also, keep in mind that tasks with impending due dates should be accomplished as soon as possible. Make wise choices while prioritizing your workload.

Lockdown of Silence 

If necessary, reserve a certain amount of time to really get involved in your work. This allotted time frame should be where the phone gets put away, there are no more email alerts and you only stop working if there’s an emergency. Notify your coworkers and/or friends and family when you go into lockdown mode. This will allow you to really concentrate on getting your work done with your undivided attention.

This tactic could be used in dire times when you’re trying to reach a deadline or finish up a task that takes a long time. However you choose to use this time is up to you, just use it wisely.

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