Organizing Your Day

Have you ever began the day with a full plate and you weren’t sure where to begin? 

You are not alone, absolutely every person has had that feeling. Sometimes you’re not even just visualizing the one day, it may be a week or two of project planning. 

A great way to help stabilize your day would be to learn the art of organization. Organizing will help you strategize your day to get the most out of it. So here’s what you have to do:

So here’s what you have to do:

  1. Day-by-Day: Grab a notebook and list the day(s) along with the dates that you need to organize. Leave about two pages per date because you will be filling in additional information.
  2. Goals: Go through each date and write out what goal(s) you would like to accomplish by the end of each of these days. If the project requires tasks that may take days to accomplish, then divide the work. 
  3. Map It Out: Go through each day and jot down the necessary requirements that each day will bring. Give these requirements a time limit. Make sure to give yourself the right amount of time and feel free to include some break periods within those days. 
  4. Changes: Life isn’t perfect and everyone knows that things may not go as planned. If you need to insert or omit anything from your laid out plans then make proper adjustments to factor in the change. Try to keep the goal dates in place, as moving them around may have you reworking the entire setup.