3 Simple Communication Fixes for Your Employees

An efficient business will always require clear and concise communication efforts between all employees. Without excellent communication, there may be instances where important information gets lost along the way.

By looking into your business and figuring out the measures necessary to correct communication issues, you are creating a positive link that could smooth out the daily workflow.

Here are a few tips to help you correct any communication issues within your business:

Open Door Policy

If you want your employees to communicate with each other, it has to begin within the company culture. Therefore, disclosing to everyone that your door is always open to listen to what your employees have to say is a great start. By allowing your employees to openly discuss their latest projects and bringing any issues to you. This allows them to feel comfortable with communicating within the business since they know that they can come to their boss in their time of need.

Checking In

If your employees are not the type to come to you, then you must go to them. You’re not going to micromanage them, you are checking in to offer assistance or to answer any questions that they may have. By checking in on your employees, you are creating a chance for them to bring up any thoughts and opinions that they may have. This is also a chance for them to feel empowered and connected to the company by getting their thoughts heard. You may choose to do a check-in session every week or bi-monthly. Do whatever works for your company, the company culture and you.

Allow Water Cooler Discussions

Many companies and managers see idle discussions as a hindrance to work productivity. In all reality, it could work to the company’s advantage. Once employees begin to converse with each other about non-work topics, they are forming relationships with each other. These relationships could result in better communication for workplace discussions and debates later on. Allow them to mingle and converse freely.