What Makes a Charismatic Leader?

Anyone could be a business leader but what sets a successful leader apart from an average one? Charisma.

So, what exactly does this entail? It begins with you. It’s all about how you carry yourself, the feeling you emit when you walk into the room. Charismatic leaders tend to draw in their listeners and grasp their attention in a vice grip.

If you find yourself struggling to be a charismatic leader, here are a few characteristics you may want to adopt into your daily interactions. As a business owner, the road to success should always begin with you.


If you come off as indecisive and unstable, this unsettles those within your business. If you have strong feelings to take your company in a certain direction, then do so. Nothing says “power” than a person who is self-aware of their own actions and their impact.


Great charismatic leaders will always see the silver lining in a rough situation or they’ll see a strange opportunity in a glass-half-full type of way. Without being completely delusional, being optimistic will exude a leader who is not easily discouraged by failures or bumps in the road.


Charismatic leaders are continuously setting goals. They are people who would unite people, hash out a strategy and begin working diligently to accomplish their goal. Their goals always include room for growth and development within their business. They are willing to push through various obstacles just to achieve their desired outcome.


Charismatic leaders know how to speak to people, whether it’s a public or private conversation. In front of a crowd, these leaders are captivating and they enunciate every word clearly and with a purpose. In private conversation, they are able to speak to their peers, coworkers, or employees in a nonpatronizing way. They have impeccable posture, with very good eye contact. When they speak, everyone is aware that they must stop to listen.