Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology in the Workplace

Technology has come a long way! Technology has made life and work a lot easier. With technology, everything has become more convenient due to its regular advances. However, with its great advantages comes some disadvantages.


Discoveries: Technologies advances has helped many people in the workplace. For example, thanks to the advances in technology, new medical instrumentation has been created to help those in need. For businesses, new software has been created to perform various business functions and improve operations.

Cost Efficiency: Since technology constantly improves. It has created new ways to accomplish ongoing tasks. Machines can do more work than actual humans can at times. With these advances, business have been able to save costs and focus on spending that money in another way to help grow the business.


Technology Dependency: Society has become very dependable with technology. This is because we use it daily. Whether its homework that we must complete or work, we use a computer. If the computer you use breaks or crashes, you are stuck. This means that you are disabled to finish most of your work. Without technology people become less self-reliant.

Technology is taking over people’s jobs: With technological advances, human workers are being let go. Since machine automated process can do the work of a human, companies see that they don’t need much employees as before to finish the work.